Double meteor light shower to take place this month, how and when to watch

A magnificent celestial spectacle is approaching at the end of July and will be visible from everywhere across Earth to the naked eye. The spectacular meteors will occur simultaneously and will be a treat to watch for all the Astrophiles. The meteor showers will peak by the end of the month and give a beautiful spectacle of shooting stars.

When and where to watch the meteor showers
The Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids will be set in motion from late July to mid-August. However, the celestial event will peak on July 30 when it will be most visible from Earth against the dark sky. According to earthsky, the ideal time to witness the shooting stars is from mid-evening to dawn and the radiant will be highest at 2:00 am UTC or 10pm ET and will appear dull as dawn approaches. The expected hourly rate during the shower will be 15 to 20 meteors at peak with no moon in the sky. A high-altitude location in a new moon phase should be prioritised to ensure a better view of the celestial event.

The Delta Aquariids which is the grander of the two meteor showers will be the first one to be witnessed from Earth. If the sky is clear, one can also look out for constellations Capricorn, Aquila and Pisces which surround the constellation Aquarius.

Points to remember for meteor-gazing
Spotting meteor showers even at their peak is a trivial matter of sight, time, weather and location. All the factors must be taken into account to ensure a perfect sight of the annual celestial event. The foremost thing to keep in mind is to ensure the location. According to, ensure to choose a location away from the urban lights and areas like rural regions or dark sky parks to diminish the light interference.

Even if visible on Earth, your sights will need some time to adjust to the night sky. Hence give your eyes 20-30 minutes to adjust to the dark sky. Binoculars are not necessary for meteor sightings, however, equip yourself with blankets to lie back on and enjoy the sky comfortably along with snacks and beverages.

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