Demet Özdemir confirms feud with her husband

Famous Turkish actress Demet Özdemir confirms a recent feud with her husband just weeks after tying the knot. 

Demet Özdemir recently responded to claims that she cheated on her husband, Oğuzhan Koç and revealed that it is all nonsense.

She told the media: “I want to say something about my relationship with Oğuzhan, and even my relationships before marriage, I have never talked about my private life.”

She added: “Problems occur in any relationship and are resolved. We may appear together hand in hand soon, and for this reason, I do not want to talk about this dispute at all now.”

Rumors also stated that the actress has moved out of the house that she shares with Koç, Özdemir denied those rumors and shared: “The news is not true, I have not left my house.”

Last weekend, Turkish journalist Birsen Altuntaş shared news claiming that a married Turkish actress is cheating on her husband with the director of a series who is also married.

And it was immediately speculated that the actress Altuntaş is referring to is Demet Özdemir.

Özdemir responded to the news with a statement; “Is it easy to put people under suspicion? shame on your violent language and shameful act.”

she added: “While we are going through difficult times as people, we must not forget what we are experiencing in the period and solidarity for the future but I am ashamed of making this statement due to the verbal abuse that was done against me and my married actress friends.”

“I will not allow this violence, it has created an impact on me and I will hold those who put me and my fellow actresses under suspicion.”

She ended her statement by saying that she will fight whoever spreads false news about her and that she is willing to sue. she wrote: “Enough is enough.”

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