Man caresses Heba Nour’s breasts! lawyer says ‘deep fake’

Syrian artist Heba Nour is in huge trouble after a very intimate video with a man inside a car was posted on her Instagram story “by mistake”.

According to what has been circulating on social media, the video was posted by mistake on Heba Nour’s Instagram story and was deleted after seconds, however, some people allegedly were able to take it and share it.

Man caresses Heba Nour’s breasts! lawyer says ‘deep fake’

In detail, Nour published a video of herself inside a car with a young man, who was said to be her boyfriend, and the young man was caressing Nour’s breasts and body in a very shocking and inappropriate way.

Heba Nour

At the end of the clip, Nour also appeared making shocking movements using her face, she, as well, raised her middle finger to the camera, sparking controversy and anger.

Heba Nour’s lawyer responds to “deep fake” video

Heba Nour’s lawyer responded and clarified the truth behind the clip which was widely circulating on social media causing a buzz and shock among her fans, noting that Heba has 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

The Syrian star’s legal representative responded through an official statement confirming that the video of Heba Nour was fabricated and was created using AI technology deep fake.

He also confirmed that her official Instagram account was hacked by some unknown person or group.

The lawyer also added that measures have been taken in a legal way to arrest and punish and persecute the perpetrator and every person who is linked to the video, shared it or insulted the Syrian artist.

The statement said: “As agents of actress Heba Nour in Beirut, we deplore the campaign launched by some against our client by publishing a video fabricated using artificial intelligence and deep fake techniques with the aim of damaging her reputation.”

“We note that we are in the process of filing a complaint against the perpetrators before the Anti-Cybercrime Office in Beirut to prosecute the authors of this video for the crimes of defamation, defamation, and fabrication of crimes. We also confirm that we will not hesitate to prosecute everyone who publishes it by any means of publication,” the statement maintained.

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