Crane collapses in New York’s Hells Kitchen

A video was shared on then-called Twitter, now, showing a crane in New York City falling from a high building causing panic.

In the footage, a crane was seen on fire with black smoke rising into the sky before it breaks down. The crane fell crashing another building across the street.

According to sources, the accident of the crane took place in Hells Kitchen Neighborhood in New York City on July 26. Furthermore, people in the streets were heard screaming and running in the clip.

The New York City Police Department asked people to stay away from the construction crane collapse and said in a statement: “Due to a crane collapse, please avoid the area of 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue from West 41 Street to West 42 Street.”

At least two; one civilian and one firefighter, were injured, according to the New York City Fire Department, which further noted that it is “actively working to put the fire out.”

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