How biryani meal stopped man from committing suicide?

The police in Kolkata, India, succeded in saving a man who had climbed a bridge in the capital of West Bengal with the intention of committing suicide, however, a biryani meal changed his mind.

The man, in his 30s, had tied a rope to the iron structure of the bridge and was threatening to kill himself, Indian media reported.

Reports of the incident came flooding in as drivers passing by witnessed the man, some fearing for his safety as he stood around 40 feet above the road. Indian police, joined by firefighters immediately rushed to the scene to rescue the man.


Eyewitnesses recounted the tense moments as negotiations ensued to convince the man to change his mind.

However, one thing changed his mind, the police offered the Indian man cold drinks and a biryani meal while officers and firefighters carefully climbed the iron structure of the bridge to reach the man, there was a lot of tension in the air.

Thankfully, the collective efforts of the authorities paid off as they successfully persuaded the man to come down from the bridge. Following the rescue, the man was transferred to a hospital for evaluation and treatment for his mental health. But it was unknown if he got that biryani meal in the end or not.


His family was quickly notified of the situation, ensuring that he received the necessary care and support during this challenging time.

The Kolkata police’s successful rescue operation not only saved a life but also showed the significance and importance of mental health awareness and crisis intervention in the community and just how it could save lives.

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