Cannon wants Swift to be the mom of his 13th child

 Taylor Swift just ended her relationship with Joe Alwyn, 6 years after dating, and now, Nick Cannon revealed he want her to be the mother his 13th child.

Nick Cannon joked about wanting superstar Taylor Swift to be the mother of his 13th in child on The Howard Stern Show on April 10.

Cannon, who has 12 children from different women had a chat with Howard Stern, where he was asked if he is planning on having more children.

The comedian shared: “Every time I answer this question I can never answer it correctly because I don’t know.”

It is worth mentioning that Cannon welcomed five children with five different women in five months in 2022.

During the interview, Stern joked if Taylor Swift would be a possible mom for Cannon 13th child, The Masked Singer Host immediately replied: “Absolutely. I’m in. Let’s go.”

“First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter and what I do love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she has been so open and vulnerable with all of her music since she was a young girl,” Cannon said.

“And, she’s kinda like me. Me and Taylor’s numbers are very similar when we’re talking about being out here in these streets.”

Cannon added: “I think she would relate to me very well, based off of like… yo, you’ve dated a lot of people in the public eye, so have I, so we probably would really understand each other.”

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