Is Demet Özdemir dating a handsome footballer?

Has Demet Özdemir got lucky and found love during her Greece holiday?

Beautiful Turkish actress Demet Özdemir, 31, is currently in a holiday in Greece following divorcing Oğuzhan Koç after their 8-month marriage.

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And Portuguese football player Rúben Dias, 26, happens to be vacationing in Greece too, sparking romance rumors with Özdemir.

Turkish singer-songwriter Oğuzhan Koç got had married Demet Özdemir in August last year.

Oğuzhan Koç and Demet Özdemir’s marriage lasted for 8 months. After the separation, new love rumors began to emerge about the two names.

Rúben Dias showers Demet Özdemir with likes on Instagram

The romance rumors between Demet Özdemir and Rúben Dias started to circulate not only because they are spending their vacations in the same city of Mykonos, but because Dias started liking Demet’s pictures on Instagram.

According to Turkish newspaper Takvim, the Portuguese football player was asking people around him about the beautiful actress, and finally found Özdemir on social media and showered her with likes.

Demet Özdemir Rúben Dias dating sex kissing flört seks öpüşme

DJ Sergio before Rúben Dias

The Portuguese football player was not the only one whose name was romantically connected to the Turkish actress while in Greece lately.

Before that, it was reported that DJ Sergio and Demet Özdemir are actually dating after they met at a birthday party.

Sergio and Demet’s love rumors increased when the Erkenci Kuş star has bought a house in Greece and announced it over a post on social media: “I am not a tourist, I am a local.”

So who do you think Demet Özdemir is dating, Rúben Dias, DJ Sergio, or actually no one at all?

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