Lamjarred’s dad says son verdict is cruel

Saad Lamjarred’s father said a French court sentencing his son to six years in jail for rape was “cruel.”

Saad Lamjarred’s father, Bachir Abdou, gave his first statement days after the ruling was handed down on the famous Moroccan singer. The verdict can be appealed.

The verdict and sentencing were based on evidence presented to the French tribunal that he raped a girl in a Paris hotel in 2016.

Abdou shared with Lamjarred’s fans a message describing the difficulties facing the family and expressing that he feels the judgement is “very cruel.”

He wrote: “Our loved ones everywhere, I want to express my deep sadness and my astonishment for what the decision by the French judiciary regarding my precious son, Saad Lamjarred, who does not deserve this harsh judgment.”

He said: “These days, we are living a hard life, and the Lord only knows…..pray for us to be strong in these difficult times.”

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