Cambridge photographer ends one-a-day challenge with 5,000th image

A man who has taken photos of his beloved Cambridge and uploaded them every day for 13 years said the project was a “blessing” after deciding to stop following his 5,000th snap.

Martin Bond started his project – A Cambridge Diary – in March 2010.

The portrait images have captured the different communities co-existing in the city, known for its grandeur and famous university.

Almost 14 years after starting out, Mr Bond said that his 5,000th shot would be his last.

Image caption,

A picture of King’s College Chapel was the 5,000th captured by Martin Bond
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26 February 2018 – An image of a sudden snowfall made the front page of The Times
Woman with an umbrella in CambridgeIMAGE SOURCE,MARTIN BOND
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25 June 2016 – A hail storm moment in the middle of summer

“It seems to be a nice, round figure and I did kind of want to relieve the pressure of doing it every day,” said the professional photographer.

However, he admitted he would also “miss it tremendously”, adding: “Psychologically and emotionally, it feeds me.

“It has become so important that the difference between a good day and a bad day depends on if I get a good picture.”

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In this image, taken on 24 December 2010, the woman looked like she had “conjured the birds up”, Mr Bond said
A group pose for a picture in CambridgeIMAGE SOURCE,MARTIN BOND
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Mr Bond said his pictures helped capture everyday life in Cambridge
James Norton on a bikeIMAGE SOURCE,MARTIN BOND
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Actor James Norton was snapped during the filming of ITV’s Grantchester in September 2015

Mr Bond said the project started when he accidentally caught the moment a decorator dropped paint on to his sandwiches on camera.

He then started sharing his pictures on social media, amassing thousands of followers from across the globe.

A person getting a haircutIMAGE SOURCE,MARTIN BOND
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A close shave was depicted on New Year’s Day in 2017
Image caption,

14 January 2020 – “Amazing” nurses at Addenbrooke’s Hospital captured days before the death of Mr Bond’s mother
Porter at university buildingIMAGE SOURCE,MARTIN BOND
Image caption,

A porter is caught laughing outside a university building

“I always try to photograph people in a way they would like to see themselves. I don’t take pictures that are detrimental to them as humans,” said Mr Bond.

“It is a very healthy thing we can do to notice other things and other people rather than get too consumed in our own troubles.”

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