Video shows fruit growing in graves and feeding on bodies in Egypt

A recent video shared by a prominent Egyptian influencer has ignited widespread curiosity and discussion. The video captures a remarkable scene, vibrant red prickly pear fruits flourishing within the confines of graves, sparking both intrigue and controversy.

Dating back approximately ten months, the video was presented by Mohamed Shaheen (Survival Shaheen), a YouTube personality boasting a substantial following of over 324 thousand viewers.

Shaheen’s interpretation of the footage has prompted a remarkable revelation—suggesting that these cactus plants are thriving by drawing sustenance from the very bodies interred within the graves.

In the video, Shaheen plucks several red prickly pear fruits, ingests them, and even places some within a sock.

What follows is a curious spectacle: by manually squeezing the fruits, Shaheen extracts their juice, which bears an uncanny resemblance to blood with its deep crimson hue.

Referred to as “Strawberry Prickly Pear,” this distinctive coloration characterizes the fruit itself, distinguishing it from its counterparts. Interestingly, the nutritional value of this crimson delight surpasses even that of the renowned dragon fruit.

Celebrated for its opulent flavor and nutritional content, the dragon fruit commands a hefty price, often exceeding 450 Egyptian pounds per kilogram.

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