One of a kind cat with two noses up for adoption

Meet Nanny McPhee, a four years old black and white cat with two noses, described by the adoption charity, Warrington Adoption Centre, as a “one of a kind” feline. 

The moggy was named after the fictional character with a distinctively shaped nose and is seeking a forever home after her previous owners had to give her up due to ill-health and financial circumstances. Staff had not realised Nanny McPhee had two noses until the cat was examined by a vet who discovered the unique facial feature.

Centre manager, Lindsay Kerr, said the team had all fallen in love with Nanny McPhee, describing her as a gentle lady who “adores a fuss and a cuddle”. They were hopeful the moggy’s newfound fame would generate adoption interest.

Warrington Adoption Centre said the cat’s two noses were “a real rarity” and the senior field veterinary officer at the charity, Fiona Brockbank, confirmed this was the first time a feline with the congenital malformation had been recorded. Although cleft lips and cleft palates were common, Brockbank said such malformations could be inherited or occur as a result of incidents during foetal development.

Nanny McPhee will be neutered before being rehomed, ensuring any concerns about inherited problems will be resolved as the moggy will not be able to produce kittens.

As with all cats put up for adoption at Warrington, Nanny McPhee was given a thorough medical check, including spaying, vaccination and microchipping.

The adoption center shows the importance of adopting either a cat or any type of pet from reputable organizations that provide medical care and neutering services, as it can be part of a wider effort to reduce the number of stray and unwanted cats in the UK.

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