Israeli police arrest man killed wife, 2 kids

A man killed his wife and two children after stabbing them. It is reported that an addictive pill worsened his metal state and prompted him to commit the murder.

According to Israeli reports and media outlets, a man in his thirties killed his 26-year-old wife Baraa Jaber Masarwa and two children, Amir and Adam, in the city of Taybeh in Israel (occupied Palestine). One of the two children is two years old, while the other is six months old.

According to Hebrew sources, the late mother was stabbed to death in the kitchen, while the preparator stabbed his deceased two children while they were sleeping in their bed.

The Israeli police arrested the suspect. It said in a statement that criminal investigators are working to collect evidence as part of the investigation to examine the circumstances of the crime.

According to the information circulated, the suspect was a person known for his good reputation, but recently someone gave him something (addictive pills), which caused him a bad psychological condition. It is reported that this prompted him to commit such a crime.

It is currently being investigated whether the suspect was in a state of psychosis at the time of the crime.

The Israeli police received a report about the incident at around 2:30 am, and when they came to the crime scene, they found the mother and their two children dead.

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