Video: Britain’s ‘heaviest man’ dies before 34th birthday

Jason Holton, known as one of Britain’s “heaviest men,” passed away from organ failure just days before his 34th birthday, as confirmed by his family.

Holton, who weighed an estimated 317kg, succumbed to organ failure last Saturday in Surrey despite efforts by medical professionals.

His mother, Leisa, 55, revealed to The Sun that six firefighters had to assist in transporting him to the Royal Surrey County Hospital after an ambulance ride. She recounted that his kidneys were the first to fail, and doctors informed her that her son’s passing was imminent.

“Jason soon started to go downhill,” she expressed to the newspaper. “He’s probably had about eight lives, and I thought the doctors would be able to save him again, but sadly it wasn’t possible.”

She recounted a previous incident in 2020 when Holton collapsed and had to be airlifted from a third-floor flat by a team of over 30 firefighters. “That was the most devastating time of my life,” she recalled.

Holton himself had expressed his struggles, likening them to a horror movie. “The terrifying part of it all was the amount of people outside,” he shared. “I did watch The Whale and it did feel like a horror movie to me. I said to my mum, don’t watch it. I turned it off and I started crying.”

His passing marks the end of a challenging journey, leaving behind a legacy that speaks to the complexities and struggles of severe obesity.

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