Animals in Sudan are starving amid clashes

Sudan Animal Rescue center appealed to foreign leaders and animal rights organizations to help animals stranded between warring parties in Sudan.

Sudan Animal Rescue said that employees are ready to come every day despite fighting to feed animals. However, there’s no access to water or electricity.

It further noted that without electricity, animals’ food will be ruined. Furthermore, the center reaffirmed that animals are in urgent need of medical care.

A $124,348 donation fund was raised online with the aim to help suffering animals in Sudanese zoos get access to basic needs such as water and food.

“Since the campaign started one of the five lions at the park has sadly died. Another lioness is in critical condition,” Sudan Animal Rescue posted. It maintained: “We need funds to buy medical supplies, cleaning supplies, food, equipment and for logistics.”

Fighting in Sudan started on April 15, at least 420 people were killed and over 3700 others were injured in clashes between Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

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