Wildfires in Europe and North Africa

Countries around the Mediterranean region have been grappling with searing heat and devastating wildfires, exacerbated by temperatures exceeding 40C, and strong winds.

A firefighter and locals try to extinguish a wildfire in Cascais, PortugalIMAGE SOURCE,PEDRO NUNES / REUTERS

In Portugal, firefighters and volunteers have tackled fires sweeping across a natural park near the holiday destination of Cascais.

A man battles the flames in Alto do Alvide, Cascais, PortugalIMAGE SOURCE,MANUEL DE ALMEIDA / EPA

Fires have burnt in Sicily – and Palermo Airport was temporarily closed.

A wildfire burns on the hills surrounding the town of Ciaculli, near Palermo, ItalyIMAGE SOURCE,EPA
A wildfire burns near the Sicilian airport "Falcone-Borsellino" near PalermoIMAGE SOURCE,UFFICIO STAMPA GESAP VIA REUTERS

In Algeria, 34 people have died in fires, with the coastal province of Bejaia, east of Algiers, worst affected.

People in the village of de Oeud Das have been surveying the damage to their homes (below).

A woman and child walk through burned housed in the village of de Oeud Das in Bejaia in AlgeriaIMAGE SOURCE,BILLEL BENSALEM / GETTY IMAGES

Fires on Rhodes have blazed for nearly a week, with the Greek islands of Corfu and Evia also reporting fires that remain out of control.

Wildfires burn the forests near the village of Vati in the southern part of RhodesIMAGE SOURCE,SPYROS BAKALIS / AFP

Firefighters and volunteers have been mobilised to control the fires on Rhodes, while aircraft have been used to tackle the flames.

A firefighter looks on during a fire near the village of Vati, RhodesIMAGE SOURCE,SPYROS BAKALIS / AFP
People look at a firefighting helicopter filling water from a pool, as a wildfire burns in the village of Gennadi, on RhodesIMAGE SOURCE,NICOLAS ECONOMOU / REUTERS

Since the weekend, thousands of people have been evacuated from Rhodes.

Holidaymakers were forced to leave their hotels, some without luggage.

Tourists are evacuated as huge wildfire rages on Rhodeson 22 July 2023IMAGE SOURCE,ANADOLU AGENCY / GETTY IMAGES

Evacuees have been put into temporary accommodation at sports halls and conference centres.

Tourists are sheltered in a stadium after being evacuated following a wildfire on the island of RhodesIMAGE SOURCE,ARGIRIS MANTIKOS/EUROKINISSI VIA REUTERS

At airports, there were scenes of chaos and long queues, as tourists waited to be flown out.

Tourists wait in the airport's departure hall as evacuations are underway due to wildfires, on the Greek island of RhodesIMAGE SOURCE,WILL VASSILOPOULOS / AFP

The fires have left large areas of Rhodes burnt and blackened and properties destroyed.

As the hot weather conditions continue, there is the ever-present danger that new fires will break out.

An aerial view shows a burnt area after a fire near Vati, on the Greek Aegean island of Rhodes

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