Alessandra Mussolini: from daughter of Benito Mussolini to Japanese popstar

Meet Alessandra Mussolini, the daughter of the late Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and a former Japanese City Pop star in the 80s! 

Despite being a current member of the European Parliament, the current Italian politician released a Japanese City Pop album under the name of ‘Amore’ which was exclusive to the Japanese audience back then. Alfa Records released the album in 1982which was produced by Miki Curtis and had Mussolini sing in Japanese, English, and Italian.

Our favorite song on the album has to go to ‘Tokyo Fantasy’ which incorporates perfect elements of what Japanese City Pop is supposed to sound like, similar to big stars in the genre including the legendary Maria Takeuchi, Miki Matsubara, Junko Yagami, and more.

‘Plastic Love’ by Maria Takeuchi and ‘Stay With Me’ by Miki Matsubara are a must-listen for anyone interested in City Pop.

Alessandra Mussolini: from daughter of Benito Mussolini to a Japanese pop star!

Despite being exclusive to Japan, the whole album can now be found on YouTube with fans of the genre taking to the comment section of every song in the album and writing hilarious comments such as:

“Being the granddaughter of a ruthless dictator and also becoming a pop singer in Japan in the 80s has got to be the biggest vibe ever”.

“Is this F A S C I S T W A V E”.

“This is legitimately one of the best 80s pop songs I’ve ever heard. Beautiful”.

“Fun fact:  Not only is she Musso’s grandaughter, but also Sophia Loren’s niece”.

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