“Abo Obaida” is Mohamed Ramadan’s character in his upcoming series

 In response to the Israeli government’s call for a boycott of his work, Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan has revealed that he will play the character “Abo Obaida” in his upcoming series. This follows his video message urging Arab unity and support for the people of Gaza.

In a video posted on his official Instagram account, Ramadan addressed the Israeli attack on him, stating: “Israeli Channel 10 is calling for a boycott of my work because I released a video advocating Arab unity and support for our brothers, our sisters, and our fellow Palestinians in Gaza. And you tell Israelis not to watch my series or listen to my songs anymore because this is a man standing up for his Palestinian brothers.”

Mohamed conveyed a message underlining that supporting the Palestinian people in this manner is the least he can do, and he added: “As for my second contribution, Israel, I will feature the character of Abu Obaida in my upcoming series.”

Mohamed Ramadan calling for support

Artist Mohamed Ramadan has recently appeared in a video, during which he called for supporting the people of Gaza by using weapons and waging war.

He said in the video: “For whom do you want our voices to be heard outside our countries? Our voices should reach our countries. Our countries have armies and weapons, and we buy weapons, tanks, planes, and we buy them until they rust and get thrown away, and then we buy others, but when will we use them? Who do you want our voices to reach to outside our countries? Who do we need from the outside to defend us? This is the highest level of cowardice and lack of manhood when we say that we want to write in English so that they know that we are being attacked. Where are you? Where is your country and where is your army? Make sure your voice reach your government. Tell your government to take out its weapons and go to war.. Who will defend an Arab like you? Please say sensible words.”

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