A recap of Kengan Ashura before watching part 3

With Kengan Ashura part three coming out later today (Sept. 21, 2023) on Netflix, fans of the brutal fighting anime might have forgotten quite a bit from the series since part two was released four years ago.

But don’t worry since we have got you covered with everything you need to know before watching part three of Kengan Ashura.

It’s recommended to watch the first two parts of the anime since this article will contain spoilers so proceed with caution.

A recap of Kengan Ashura before watching part 3

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Kengan Ashura tells the story of a fighter named Tokita Ouma who is mocked for being small but is hiding one hell of a punch behind his small body. Corporate deals are usually made through meetings but this anime takes a different route for how a deal should be made.

How? Major companies from all over the world In Kengan Ashura operate differently when striking a deal where wealthy businessmen and merchants each choose one fighter to fight for them in order to settle their disputes in an arena.

If a company’s fighter is victorious, they have the right to steal a deal from the losing corporation or make them do whatever they ask for.

Tokita Ouma, the main character of the anime, is a man who is trying to prove himself in the world of martial arts is seen by Kazuo Yamashita, an employee of a corporate company called the Nogi Group defeating a man twice his size in an alley who turned out to be Nogi Group’s previous fighter.

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Kazuo Yamashita is an average middle-aged man who is poor, divorced, depressed, and a stranger to his two sons.

The scene then gets cut to Yamashita being scolded by his boss but sucks it up like he always does, he suddenl gets called to Nogi Group’s high-rank businessman, Hideki Nogi to tell him that he has to take care of their new fighter since the previous guy got beaten up and that they will be both going to participate in the “Kengan matches”.

To his surprise, the fighter that showed up when the doors opened was the one and only Tokita Ouma “The Ashura” and is told by his boss that he and Ouma will team up to participate in the life and death tournament of the Kengan Matches.

A day passes by and Yamashita goes to meet up with Ouma in a huge mansion where the first match will reside. Ouma is seen covered in blood but the explanation is cut short when two mysterious men enter the mansion.

A French boxer whom Ouma defeated in one punch the moment he set foot in the mansion and Lihito who is Ouma’s next opponent in the Kengan matches and one of his rivals in the show. A day later, Kengan Ashura’s first major fight begins.

Tokito Ouma then fights his way through the Kengan Tournament against many brutal and skilled fighters from around the world including intense fights such as Sekibayashi’s underground fight.

A YouTuber by the name of Anime Explained did an amazing job recapping the first two parts of Kengan Ashura from A-Z. Al Bawaba recommends watching his videos if you are looking for a recap of the anime in video style.

Watch part One below:

For more information about Kengan Ashura Part 3:

Watch it on Netflix here.

Watch the newest trailer here.

Visit its official My Anime List page

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