6 students commit suicide due to high school exam in Egypt

In a heart wrenching and alarming series of events, Egypt recently witnessed the tragic loss of six young lives. 

These students, on the cusp of adulthood and filled with hopes and dreams, succumbed to the immense pressure surrounding the high school final exams.

They faced failure in certain subjects and were unable to attain the required overall score for admission to university colleges.

In the southern region of Egypt, specifically in Sohag governorate, a female student tragically lost her life moments after the announcement of the high school final exam results. She had ingested a toxic substance due to her failure in some subjects.

In Qalyubia governorate’s city of Toukh, two female students took their own lives by consuming poisonous pills after facing failure in their exams.

Similarly, in Kafr Shukr, also located in the same governorate, another student resorted to consuming a pesticide after receiving a score that did not meet the requirements for the college she had hoped to join.

In the Eastern governorate, a girl ended her life by hanging herself in her bedroom, driven by the fear of her family’s reaction to her performance in the high school exam.

Moreover, in the city of Bilbeis, another girl tragically ended her life following her failure in the high school exam, despite all attempts to save her.

The high school final exams, known as the “Thanaweya Amma,” are crucial milestones for Egyptian students.

The results determine their eligibility for university admission and play a significant role in shaping their future careers. However, the pressure to excel in these exams has long been a prevailing issue in the education system.

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