What’s story behind Libya’s Miracle House?

Social media users were quick to respond to the circulating images and videos depicting a lone house standing defiant amidst the devastating floods that have wreaked havoc on the city of Derna in Libya for several days, resulting in widespread destruction and the tragic loss of thousands of lives, with many others missing or displaced. 

What astounded observers was the remarkable resilience displayed by this particular structure, as its walls, doors, and windows remained miraculously intact, in stark contrast to the neighboring homes that had been reduced to rubble.

The house’s exterior, adorned in a pristine coat of white paint, defied the encroaching mud and dirt, presenting an illusion of a newly constructed edifice according to RT.com.

There is currently no official information available regarding the veracity of the news.

These floods inundated regions, causing water levels to rise several meters high in Derna, resulting in the total devastation of neighborhoods and compelling residents to seek shelter in the sea.

The United Nations announced on Saturday, relying on the figures from the Libyan Red Crescent, that the death toll from the floods in the city of Derna in eastern Libya has reached 11,300 victims.

However, a spokesperson for the Libyan Red Crescent denied this toll on Sunday.

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