Zain Karazon undergoes weight loss surgery

Jordanian media personality Zain Karazon undergoes a gastric sleeve surgery, and shared that to her, she felt like it is the right decision.

Zain Karazon took to her Instagram account to share with her followers a new announcement, and revealed that she is undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery, and asked her followers to pray for her safety.

In the video shared by Karazon she says: “Good morning from the hospital. I am going into surgery, and I ask all followers to pray for me to be safe.”

Previously, Karazon shared that she has been thinking of getting the surgery for a very long time and that she believes she made the right decision in order for her to be healthier.

She added, ” have been gaining weight for a year from the medications I have been taking, and sadly, my stomach got a little bit bigger, and that was a little bit frustrating, my life changed from weight gain.”

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