Kuwaiti gay scene aired in 1999 resurfaces (video)

 In a time where Kuwait does not support LGBTQ rights and bans movies with trans actors, such as Talk To Me, a controversial gay scene filmed by Kuwaiti actors has resurfaced and sparked a frenzy on social media.

followers have shared a scene from a Kuwaiti series that was aired in 1999, nearly 24 years ago.

Was the Kuwaiti series promoting homosexuality?

The video has sparked widespread controversy, with followers claiming that the Kuwaiti drama used to promote homosexuality decades ago.

In the scene, Kuwaiti artists Abd al-Rahman al-Aql and Nader al-Hassawi hugged each other after apologizing to one another, then they shared a lip kiss.

The video was shared on Twitter by tweep Tareq Bin Aziz (@t_alaziz) and he captioned him with:

“One of the most famous homosexual scenes in Kuwaiti Gulf dramas” adding a rainbow flag.

He added: “Before the rainbow complication infiltrated and fueled hatred and discrimination against homosexuals, refusing to show any movie in the cinema based on gay scenes!”

On his Twitter bio, Tareq Bin Aziz wrote of himself: “I was imprisoned and my account was closed for defending LGBTQ+ rights, freedom of expression, belief, and individual freedoms/Like me /I dream of justice/MA in international law in human rights.”

gay sex kuwaiti show men kissing

Social media reactions

Followers largely interacted with the video, with the majority was surprised of how the scene made it to the screen years ago without any problems or attacks on the two stars of the show.

Meanwhile, many confirmed that the scene at the time was normal, especially since homosexuality was not as widespread as it has been in recent years, pointing out that the scene seemed funny and comical.

About the series

The controversial scene was taken from a series named ‘Al Muthi’, which talks about a stingy and greedy father named Boumiteh, whose goal in life is to access money in any way possible, which affects his family negatively in addition to many social problems.

Stars of Al Muthi were: Ghanem Al-Saleh, Abdul Rahman Al-Aql, Muhammad Jaber, Badriya Ahmed, Muhammad Al-Manea, Latifa Al-Majran, and Ahmed Al-Salman.

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