Youtube takes down Um Kalthoum song after being taken over by Israeli company

Amin El Mogy, son of the famous Egyptian composer Mohamed El Mogy, has successfully removed an Um Kalthoum song composed by his father from YouTube after discovering that the song was obtained from the company Alam Al Fann by an Israeli company. 

The song Is’al Rohak “اسأل روحك”, which roughly translates to Ask Your Soul, was produced in 1970, with lyrics written by poet Abdel Wahab Mohamed and composed by Mohamed El Mogy.

In a radio interview, Um Kalthoum’s granddaughter Jehan Desouky accused Alam Al Fann company of using her grandmother’s name in “exploiting Um Kalthoum’s song rights in favor of Israeli companies”.

“Our musical heritage is being distorted, and El Mogy’s case is not just about money,” Desouky added.

When YouTube users search for the song, the following message is displayed: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Amin El Mogy who owns all copyrights to Mohamed El Mogy’s music”.


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