Woman sleeps next to her brother’s decomposed body for 5 years

In a quiet neighborhood southwest of Melbourne, Australia, a shocking story took place. It was discovered that a woman in her 70s shared her residence with and slept next to her brother’s decomposed body  for about five long years. 

According to reports by The Daily Mail, the authorities stepped in, detaining the woman as forensic officers, dressed in biohazard suits, ventured into the house which was submerged in piles of trash, infested with rats, and tainted from floor to ceiling.

Driven by persistent complaints about foul odors and negligent upkeep of the property, law enforcement intervened to discover the unsettling truth hidden within the residence’s walls.

A bloodstained skeleton belonging to her brother emerged from the woman’s home, which has been concealed for years. The neighbors were both shocked and dumbfounded by the shocking turn of events.

decomposed body

Despite the worrying circumstances, the woman was released by the police without facing any immediate charges linked to her brother’s demise. As authorities conducted an exhaustive medical examination of the decomposed body, the cause of the brother’s death lingered as a mystery that still needed more clarity and investigation.

This bizarre story is surely going to be one the community won’t be able to forget anytime soon. Now all they can do is wait for more information to be made public about why such a thing even happened in the first place. The ongoing investigation aims to discover the truth.

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