Woman ignores Nassif Zeytoun singing to her

Nassif Zeytoun sang to a woman on stage, and she ignored him, Here’s what we know.

A Tunisian woman stole the spotlight and became the talk of the Internet after her video went viral from Syrian singer  Nassif Zeytoun’s latest concert.

The video went viral on social media shows Zeytoun singing “Berabbek” to the woman who was standing next to him on stage, but she appeared unfazed and ignored the singer.

It was later revealed that the  Tunisian woman was a security employee, and was standing on stage as part of her duty, and ignoring the singer was her way of being professional during her working hours.

The woman, whose name is Hiba tried her best not to make any reaction nor smiled, and managed to maintain serious facial features.

And with her reaction, Zeytoun reacted to her reaction in a carefree way and accepted the fact that she was just doing her job.

During that same concert, Zeytoun helped a young man’s dream come true by letting the blind fan whose name is Osama go up on stage and play the organ while the singer performed his song “Mawjuu’.”

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