Which Egyptian stars are outside Ramadan 2024 season?

 As people have started to plan their Ramadan 2024 list of series to watch, many are searching to see if their favourite Egyptian stars are in or outside the dramatic season. 

Some production companies announced that some artworks are being postponed to Ramadan 2025 due to various reasons.

Which Egyptian stars are outside the Ramadan 2024 season?

1. Yousra

Despite gaining a massive positive engagement in Ramadan 2023 via her comedy series “1000 Hamdela Al Salama”, Egyptian actress and singer Yousra is absent this year.

Egyptian stars are outside the Ramadan 2024 season

2. Ahmed Ezz

Egyptian film and television actor Ahmed Ezz is expected not to join any dramatic artwork for Ramadan 2024, despite that he will be joining an advertisement for a famous telecommunications company.

3. Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan’s latest work was “Jaafar Al-Omda,” aired on Ramadan 2023. Despite the announcement of presenting a second season of the series, the work team decided to postpone the project until Ramadan 2025.

Egyptian stars are outside the Ramadan 2024 season

4. Adel Emam

Ramadan 2024 is the fourth season that the Egyptian artist Adel Imam will be absent, since the presentation of his latest work, “Valentino” in 2020. Earlier, Imam’s son, director Rami Imam, said that his father had retired.

5. Mona Zaki

Actress Mona Zaki decided to take a break from Ramadan 2024 after the series “تحت الوصاية” (which means: Under the Commandments) due to family commitments.

6. Menna Shalabi

According to the Egyptian artist, she will be away from this Ramadan season over the lack of a good scenario.

Egyptian stars are outside the Ramadan 2024 season

7. Yasmin Abdulaziz

Yasmin Abdulaziz, an Egyptian star who recently announced her divorce from Ahmad Al Awadi, will be away from Ramadan 2024 as she is busy filming a comedy movie.

8. Amr Saad

Amr Saad has been a great star during Ramadan with the latest being “Al-Ajahar”, but this year he is absent from Ramadan, and is busy filming a new movie.

9. Youssef El Sherif

Youssef El Sharif was scheduled to star in the Ramadan 2024 season through the series “The Raccoon,” but he stopped.

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