Which cow is prettier? Turkey holds beauty competition

When you hear the words “beauty competition”, you most likely will think it’s a competition where humans take part in it. However, this is not the type of beauty competition we’ll be looking into in this article.

Last Saturday, the Rize province in Turkey witnessed a competition to choose the most beautiful cow as part of a local festival.

The Anatolia Agency stated that the 23rd “Ovet Plateau” festival was launched in the “Ovit” plateau at an altitude of 2,640 meters in the “Ekiz Dar” region, with over 2000 participants, made up of locals and officials.


The festival lasted for two days, where folk dances were chanted and women wore traditional costumes. The festival’s aim was to hold a competition to choose the most beautiful cow, that was decorated by their owners in various accessories, and some of them hung roses on their necks and horns, to give them a more beautiful look, all in hopes of making their cow win.

The jury set a table in the festival in a scene that represented the opposite of the fashion show stage, where the cow owners led their livestock in front of the jury, presenting their best to win the admiration of the committee members.

The cow “Wardat al-Hadaba” ended up winning the competition as the most beautiful of them all.  The committee presented its owner, Melek Özgelik, with a financial prize and bags of fodder for her cow.

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