Was Leave the World Behind produced by Obama?

With the release of Netflix’s new controversial disaster movie Leave the World Behind, it has become the talk of the internet by leaving American people in a panicked state and implying that the movie was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. 

Additionally, the movie left people split on the ending hence the negative reviews that it has garnered on multiple sites including IMDB, Google user reviews, and more.  By the time of writing this article, the movie had a score of 6.7/10 on IMDB while Google users gave it a low 2.2/5 or 56 percent.

We won’t be giving out the ending of the movie to people who haven’t watched the movie yet to avoid spoiling the movie so don’t expect any in this article.

News circulated on X (formerly known as Twitter) of the possibility that ex-US president Barack Obama was allegedly behind the production of the movie since his production company “Higher Ground” was behind producing the movie. This leaves us with one question:

Was Leave the World Behind produced by Obama?

People took to X implying that the Obamas are involved in the production of the movie by saying:

“You can tell The Obamas were involved with Leave The World Behind because some of those song choices had me like. 😏”

“Surely those words have another meaning .. Everything is expected of them.”

“It was the racism about white people that let me know the Obamas were involved.”

“And they’re laughing at you and me from the bunker.”

Several people said on X that they would not be surprised if the Obamas were responsible for the movie as mentioned in the paragraphs and quoted posts, It’s only normal for controversy and conspiracy to take place after the release of a movie of this manner as it tends to leave people thinking of the “What, when and where?”

What is Leave The World Behind about and who’s in it?

Leave the World Behind

Leave The World Behind tells the story of a family who goes to a luxurious getaway vacation home to enjoy their time together, but things take an ominous turn when they lose communication because of a cyberattack and two strangers come knocking on their door.

It stars several big Hollywood actors including Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, and more, so you know people were expecting great things from the movie. Some users said that “Leave The World Behind is this year’s Bird Box” and that “They are all for it!”

Watch the movie through Netflix here.

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