Video of Mohamed Al-Fayed Funeral

Egyptian billionaire and businessman, Mohamed Al-Fayed, has died, Friday, in Britain at the age of 94, coinciding with the 26th anniversary his son’s death Imad Al-Fayed, in a car accident he was traveling with Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

Egyptian media reported that Al-Fayed’s funeral was held after Friday prayers from the Regans Park Mosque in London.

Mohamed Al-Fayed had launched a campaign over the years against the royal family in Britain, especially the Duke of Edinburgh, the late Prince Philip, husband of the late Queen Elizabeth, who accused him of causing the death of his only son, Imad Al-Fayed (Dodi) and Princess Diana, in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

But police investigations did not reveal any evidence indicating that Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed were killed.

Who is Mohamed Al-Fayed?

Al-Fayed is considered one of the leading figures in Britain during the last century and the beginning of the current century, as he was the owner of the famous “Harrods” chain of stores, and Fulham Club.

The fortune of the late Egyptian billionaire amounted to about two billion dollars, according to Forbes, and he acquired a number of prestigious properties throughout his career, including the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

Al-Fayed has settled in Switzerland since 2002, after he failed to obtain a British passport, despite his children having British citizenship.

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