Ukraine used over 30 drone models over past year, more being produced: Minister

Ukraine has deployed more than 30 models of various unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as drones, over the past 15 months, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported Wednesday, citing Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov.

“Over 15 months, the defense ministry has already brought into service more than 30 models of UAVs of different types, reconnaissance, strike, kamikaze drones and barrage munitions,” Ukraine’s Reznikov said in a Facebook post, according to TASS. “UAV ammunition has been officially created as a separate category.”

According to Reznikov, Kyiv is using foreign parts to assemble the drones for now, but there are plans to soon produce the parts in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Denis Shmygal in July announced that the government has allocated close to $1.1 billion to produce UAVs.

Kyiv has eliminated customs barriers to importing drone parts in Ukraine, raised profit share of drone manufacturers to 25 percent and made a decision that reportedly “promotes mass production of drone ammunition,” Shymgal said, at a forum attended by several Ukrainian UAV manufacturers, according to the Ukraine government’s official website.

More than 40 Ukrainian companies involved in drone production have now signed contracts with the government, the website stated, citing Shymgal as saying, “the production of UAVs has grown tenfold.”

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