Turkish star throws Golden Butterfly’s prize in garbage

Turkish YouTuber and singer Renmen sparked controversy after a video that was widely circulated on social media showing the moment the famous artist got rid of the award that he received during the Golden Butterfly Awards.

The Golden Butterfly Awards are annual Turkish music and television awards held since 1972.

The Turkish star was awarded Best Singer and Best YouTuber prizes at the Golden Butterfly Awards, which was held on Sunday, in which a large number of famous Turkish stars were present.

After the event, the Turkish star Renmen posted a video showing the moment when he threw the award in the trash.

However, the reason behind his reactions was not revealed, as some claimed that it could be due to his lack of interest in the award while others said it might be a way to express his refusal to hold the ceremony amid what is happening in Gaza.

Turkish YouTuber and singer Renmen has over 6.5 million followers on his Instagram account.

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