Sherine Abdel Wahab to star in a Netflix documentary about her life

Egyptian actress and singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, also known as Sherine, will star in a new Netflix documentary about her life rising to fame. 

The news was first announced in April when Sherine had a concert at the Dubai Coca-Cola Arena, sparking excitement and anticipation among her fans since the concert was the star’s first gig in months.

Sherine confirmed that she is working with Netflix on this project and is currently in the preparation phase, filming a few scenes for the documentary, which will be released soon, according to Cairo 24.

Sherine expressed that the documentary would be the best way in which she can turn the controversy surrounding her life into something positive and useful.

Sherine ranked second in the list of best-selling artists in Africa and is the only African artist on this list.

Africa Facts Zone posted via its official account on X, Twitter previously, the Best and Most Listened to Singers stats, and Shirin Abdulwahab came in second with 40 million plays.

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