Did Angie Khoury remove her Hijab in Ramadan?

Photos of Angie Khoury emerged online and what was shocking to many is that the Syrian star appeared without her Hijab and during Ramadan. 

In 2023, Angie Khoury surprised fans with a photo of her in a hijab along with plastic surgeon Ahmed Al-Halabi, who congratulated her for officially wearing the hijab.

Al-Halabi said to Angie Khoury: “Today I am very happy, happy, and proud of you.” However, in Ramadan 2024, photos of the star emerged online without her hijab raising many questions and theories.

Angie Khoury

Did Angie Khoury remove her Hijab in Ramadan?

After photos of Angie Khoury emerged online showing her without a head veil, the Syrian star broke her silence about the shared images.

Angie Khoury posted a video on her Instagram account and was mad about the sharing of her non-hijab photos. Khoury said in the clip that she is upset about people circulating her old images.

Angie said: “Hi guys, what’s up? Guys, I wanna ask you something, please please if you love me, please stop sharing my photos without hijab.”

She maintained: “Not for anything, but I hope that God might forgive me.” She also said that this request is also for her family’s feelings, insisting that she doesn’t care about the rest of the people.

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