Did Twomad commit suicide?

YouTuber Muudea Sedik who is best known as Twomad died at the age of 23 from overdosing on drugs while allegedly playing Blizzard and Activision’s Overwatch according to screenshots circulating on social media. 

As sported by Metro UK, the YouTuber was found unresponsive at his home in Los Angeles by emergency services after a welfare check was requested after days of silence from the 23-year-old.

You would expect that the passing of an individual would bring sadness to people in general but the total opposite happened to Sedik when social media users took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and celebrated the death of the YouTuber through gifs, captions, and videos.

Did Twomad commit suicide?

Several users across social media claimed that the star might’ve overdosed on drugs purposefully as a result of the threats he was receiving amid the sexual assault allegations. Take in mind that these are just rumors as no official outlet claimed that Twomad took his own life.

Why are social media users happy that Twomad is dead?

Users took to X and shared their excitement about the matter:

“Best day ever!”

“Saved Valentine’s Day.”

“Literally hearing the news about him has made my day way better.”

We believe the hate towards Sedik comes amid the alleged rape and pedophilia allegations made against him in June 2023. Additionally, Twitch streamer Zastella recently took to X and claimed:

“Twomad harassed me for months on my socials and spammed me with dozens of msgs saying how obsessed he was and how much he needed to r*pe me. sometimes he’d add “with a minor” or sh*t like “I don’t regret what I did” quite. deranged.”

In proof of her allegations against Sedik, Zesella shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation with Twomad which seemed to be one-sided.


On top of Zastella’s allegations, YouTuber Jameskii accused Twomad of rape and pedophilia in a comment he made on X and added that he “preyed on the vulnerable even after the police got involved, including a 13-year-old in a mental hospital”.

Moreover, a user on X called Goldibell accused Sedik of allegedly assaulting and following her around. Later on, she made a statement on her account after his passing. Despite all the allegations against him, several fans of the YouTuber are trying to defend Twomad by asking “Where is the proof?”

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