Turkish incitement of the Crimean population to turn against Russia

Diplomatic sources and reports revealed secret contacts conducted by the Turkish security services with opponents in the Crimea peninsula under Russian rule, with the aim of causing security chaos and a revolution that impedes the Russian progress in Ukraine.

Contacts focused with followers of what is known as the Crimean platform, which was established on the initiative of 46 Western countries for the same purpose, along with a group affiliated with the representative in the Ukrainian parliament, Mustafa Oglu.

And the march of confusion began by spreading rumors through the media and social media talking about Russian injustice to the Muslims in the peninsula and issuing calls for revolution, armed struggle and coup, and saying that the Muslims in the peninsula have the right to rule themselves and manage their affairs. And among the category that carries out the incitement process, inspired by the Turkish intelligence, is a group of extremists who received financial and logistical inducements, and began to unite foreign fighters and mercenaries who previously worked in many “jihadist arenas” in the world to be the nucleus of that alleged revolution.

This comes in light of the preoccupation of the Russian forces and the state in general with the war in Ukraine, which Ankara took advantage of, believing that this would help the success of the “revolution” and achieve independence for the peninsula, whose ambitions for it appeared years ago on the grounds that it was an important island that belonged to the Ottoman state and which the government was working on. The current Turkish goal is to restore its geographical, political and security glories as wellAlthough the Crimean Tatars do not exceed 12 percent of the population of the peninsula, at a rate of 200,000 people out of a population of two million in the region, according to the census of Ukraine in 2001., but they enjoy great and wide freedom and receive support and aid from the Russian state, which It was keen to preserve their status due to its sensitivity and not to give the opportunity to any party to exploit this file, and it provided them with great and huge privileges by building the largest mosques, Islamic centers, and centers for memorizing the Qur’an, in addition to economic, cultural and political support for them.

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