Turkish celebrities : Eid al-Fitr concert earnings revealed

The ticket prices for celebrities performing during Eid al-Fitr were recently announced. Famous names performing during the Ramadan Feast “Eid al-Fitr” include Ebru Gündeş, Ajda Pekkan, Alişan, Sibel Can, Aleyna Tilki, and İrem Derici. 

Gülşen has the highest salary at 10 million TL (approximately 310.000 USD) according to SonDakika , while Ajda Pekkan is second at 8.5 million TL (approximately 250.000 USD).

Celebrities scheduled to perform during the Ramadan Feast “Eid al-Fitr” have completed their concert agreements. Celebrities like Ebru Gündeş, Ajda Pekkan, Alişan, Sibel Can, Aleyna Tilki, and İrem Derici will collect their earnings, as disclosed. Singer Gülşen came in first with 10 million TL, followed by Ajda Pekkan with 8.5 million.

Ramadan Feast Eid al-Fitr” celebrity stage charge schedules according to SonDakika

Gülşen Instagram profile
  • Gülşen – 10 million TL (Istanbul, Antalya, Cyprus and Berlin)  approximately 308975.70 USD
linet Instgram profile
  • Linet – 5 million TL (Antalya, Istanbul and Batumi) approximately 15448.78 USD
Bülent Ersoy Instgram profile
  • Bülent Ersoy – 5,3 milyon TL (Mersin, İstanbul ve Dubai) approximately 163757.12 USD
İrem Derici Instgram profile 
  • İrem Derici – 1 million 800 thousand TL (Istanbul – Kartal and Büyükçekmece) approximately 55615.63 USD
Aleyna Tilki Instgram profile
  • Aleyna Tilki – 1 million TL (Cyprus) approximately 30897.57 USD

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