Top YouTubers in India 2023

YouTube has become quite the streaming platform as people have been using it for entertainment, news, gaming, education, and more. Today we will mention the top YouTubers from India who cover all kinds of mediums and content. 

Take in mind that this list will only contain individuals as it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to huge companies like T-Series which by the time of writing this article, garnered more than a whopping 250 million subscribers!

Top YouTubers in India

1) Ajay Nagar (known as CarryMinati)


Founded in 2014 by Ajay Nagar, CarryMinati has garnered a total of 40.9 million subscribers. CayyMinati is known for content that includes parodies, music, and your typical Q&A here and there. According to Java T Point, Ajay’s popularity allowed him to meet Hollywood stars including Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise.

His viewership is mostly based in India as his channel’s main language is Hindi. CarryMinati has a total of 191 videos uploaded to his channel by now.

2) Dilraj Singh (known as MR. INDIAN HACKER)


Next on the list is Dilraj Singh who is best known for his YouTube channel MR. INDIAN HACKER who’s built quite the name for himself as a YouTuber after garnering millions of subscribers for his interesting experiment videos including science, life hacks, and more.

By the time of writing this article, Dilraj Singh has garnered a total of 38 million subscribers on YouTube with the majority of his fanbase and watchers being from India as his content is also in Hindi. His channel was founded in 2012 and has more than 900 videos uploaded on it.

3) Ajju Bhai (known as Total Gaming and Ajay)


Total Gaming is one of India’s top gaming YouTubers as it has garnered more than 37 million subscribers by the time of writing this article. It was first formed in 2018 by Ajju Bhai who is best known as Ajay by his viewers.

He streams games on PC and Mobile as India’s smartphone gaming community is huge. According to Total Gaming, the games he plays include Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg, and GTA 5. Moreover, he streams himself gaming from time to time on YouTube.

4) Ashish Chanchlani (known as ashish chanchlani vines)


Founded in 2009 Ashish Chanchlani has become one of the biggest YouTubers in India under the name of ashish chanchlani vines which has garnered a total of 30.1 million subscribers by the time of writing this article. His videos include parodies, collaborations, and more.

Fun fact: He’s the first Indian YouTuber to collaborate with Marvel India.

5) Sandeep Maheshwari


Sandeep Maheshwari is best known for being an inspirational and motivational speaker as he describes his YouTube channel as the “World’s Largest Not-For-Profit Channel.” The channel’s main objective is to give young people new hope through inspirational talks and finding success in their chosen professions.

According to Java T Point, Sandeep is a renowned photographer in addition to his YouTube channel which has garnered more than 28 million subscribers by the time of writing this article.

6) Bhuvan Bam (known as BB Ki Vines)


In sixth place comes Bhuvan Bam who is best known for his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines where he describes his content as:

BB Ki Vines is a channel that chronicles the everyday happenings in the lives of BB and his family members. He added in his description that he’s an actor, comedian, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Moreover, before starting his YouTube career, Bhuvan was a vocalist.

His channel launched in 2015 and currently has more than 26 million subscribers.

7) Ujjwal Churasia (known as Techno Gamerz)


Another gaming channel that has risen to India’s charts since its launch in 2017 is Techno Gamerz which is run by Ujjwal Churasia. The channel has garnered a total of 37.3 million subscribers which is 200k more than Ajju Bhai’s Total Gaming.

Total Gaming focuses on both PC and mobile gaming while Techno Gamerz mostly streams mobile games because as stated before, the market for mobile gaming in Asia and India is quite big.

8) Wasim Ahmad, Nazim Ahmed and  Zayn Saifi (known as Round2hell)


India’s ultimate YouTube trio, Round2hell launched the channel in 2016 and has garnered a total of 32.1 million subscribers to this day. They are best known for their hour-long and high-quality skits. Although there was some thought put into naming the channel,  it was chosen randomly.

9) Shlok Srivastava (known as Tech Burner)


One of India’s biggest tech YouTubers Tech Burner managed to make a name for himself as he garnered a total of 11.2 million subscribers since his channel came into existence in 2014.

He is best known for unboxing all kinds of technology including phones, laptops, gadgets, and more. Additionally, he also covers tech news from time to time about Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, he puts phones against each other to compare their specs and performance.

10) Amit Bhadana


Last but not least, the list isn’t complete without Amit Bhadana who formed his channel in 2012 and is best known for his SSC Web Series which currently has an IMDB score of 8.8/10 which is rated by more than 8,000 members! The YouTuber is also known for making music videos that generate millions of views per video.

By the time of writing this article, Amit Bhadana had a total of 24.5 million subscribers on YouTube. This concludes our list of the top YouTubers from India.

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