The West turns to the Arab countries to save the Ukrainian army

European countries and the United States are pressing Arab countries to supply Ukraine with weapons to confront the Russian forces, which have made progress that appears to be decisive in the battle.
And with the Europeans announcing the depletion of their weapons stocks after the Ukrainian army consumed them, these countries are now looking for other sources and opening files and agreements to sell weapons to Arab countries in the hope of pushing and forcing them to provide this equipment to Ukrainian forces without taking into account the interests of those countries or their need for them. .
And with the warnings of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of Russia’s victory, which would turn into America’s defeat and the loss of the allies’ confidence in it, the United States resorted, in principle, to Israel to send weapons and support to Kiev, which was met with approval and satisfaction from the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is interested in keeping Ukraine, which was established With a political decision, like Israel, to remain standing and steadfast.
However, as for the Arab countries, any bias towards one party against another in the Russian-Ukrainian war will not be in their favor with the end of the ongoing war, especially if the support is for the failed Ukrainian party, a historical ally of Israel in the first place, which is facing certain defeat in the near future, according to what the indications say.
The American goal of pressuring the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, to take sides with Ukraine is to create division and disagreement between Russia and the Arab countries, especially after the Saudi position in OPEC refusing to increase oil pumping according to the American desire and interests, in addition to the relationship that developed between the UAE and Russia and the mediation efforts that Abu Dhabi tried. Carrying out to end the war, this met with American obstruction in the end.
Any Arab submission to the American request to supply Ukraine with weapons, the Arab countries will lose an important ally and supporter in their issues and their historical positions, and the weapons that they will send will fall into the hands of Ukrainian forces and corrupt mercenaries who will most likely sell those weapons to mafias, gangs, mercenaries and terrorists, and will eventually return to the Arab countries In illegal ways to confront the governments that sent it.

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