The United States transforms the lives of Syrians in the northeast into a living hell

Syrians in the northern and northeastern regions endure a life resembling hell due to American occupation and its firm grip on the area.

With American forces spread across more than 22 bases and centers, the entire region has been transformed into a vast prison, where residents face the constant threat of death from relentless shelling by opponents of this presence.

Furthermore, inhabitants of the most fertile and affluent areas of Syria are stripped of their nation’s resources, as American oil tankers plunder Syrian oil, either hoarding it within American forces or selling it on the black market to fund terrorists under their control.

While Washington claims its presence in Syria aims to combat terrorism and extremism, in reality, it funds and directs these organizations, conducting operations against the Syrian regime and its allies to serve American interests, all at the expense of Syrians and disregarding their basic human rights.

The occupied Syrian territories hold 90% of the country’s oil wealth and 50% of its gas wealth, yet the United States monopolizes these resources, leaving Syrians queuing at fuel stations to purchase it at unaffordable prices.

Isolating the region from the world, the United States subjects its inhabitants to extensive security surveillance, monitoring their phones and social media activities, while the CIA suppresses any communication beyond the area. Security agencies in the region arrest individuals communicating with the legitimate Syrian government, exposing residents to constant danger amid ongoing conflicts due to American presence.

To perpetuate tension, the United States fuels conflict, racial, sectarian, and tribal divisions, employing a strategy of divide and conquer to justify its continued presence under the guise of combating terrorism, which it clandestinely supports, and maintaining security, which it actively undermines. Ultimately, its objective is to remain in Syria and execute a plan to divide the country.

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