Thanaa Dibsi, Salim Sabry’s wife, dies aged 83

Syrian actress Thanaa Dibsi passed away at the age of 83 on Tuesday night. The star is the wife of the great Syrian actor Salim Sabry.

The couple have three children Reem, Thaer, and Yara Sabry, who is also a famous actress.

The Syrian Artists Syndicate, posted its official pages on social media mourning the death of Thanaa Dibsi.

Thanaa Dibsi

What do we know about Thanaa Dibsi?

The artist was born in Aleppo and started her artistic career in the mid-fifties of the last century.

She participated with her sister, Tharaa Dibsi, in the performances presented by the People’s Theater Troupe on the stage of the National Library Theater in Aleppo.

She starred in many famous Syrian series during her career including Banat Aleila, Al Wahemoon, Qaws Quzah, and Zaman Al’ar.

Artists mourn Thanaa Dibsi:

Several artists took to their social media to mourn the death of Syrian great actress and icon Thanaa Dibsi, including Nadin Khoury and Maha Masri.

Nadin Khoury posted a photo of the late actress and said: “The unique artist Thanaa Debsi
How much sadness grips the heart in this painful news… at the beginning of my artistic path… she guided me with love and care… she did not skimp on me with advice… my teacher… have mercy on your soul… sincere condolences to her husband, the artist Salim Sabry… to her children and relatives… and to the artistic community
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

Thanaa Dibsi Meanwhile, Maha Masri posted a photo of herself, and her daughter Syrian actress Deema Bayyaa, as well as Thanaa Dibsi, and captioned it: “Goodbye my loveز My condolences to Salim Sabry and Yara.”

Amal Arafa also wrote: “Not enough consolation when this lady is gone
During every stage of the meeting, I have seen nothing but nobility, good morals, and true compassion. My great condolences to her husband, Professor Salim Sabr, and to her daughter, the companion of the sweet days, discovery, and amazement, the artist Yara Sabry, and to all her siblings. And their aunt Mrs. Tharaa Debsy.”

Nonetheless, Syrian actor Milad Youssef and actress Rawaa Al-Saadi also posted on their Instagram story sadly mourning the death of Thanaa Dibsi.

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