Taliban enforce ban on women’s entry to National Park

The Taliban’s recent decision to ban women from visiting Band-e-Amir national park in Afghanistan has sparked international concern and condemnation. 

This move is part of a series of restrictions that have been imposed on Afghan women since the Taliban regained control of the country in 2021.

The ban on visiting this popular national park adds to a growing list of limitations that are aimed at curtailing women’s access to public spaces and educational opportunities.

The ban on women visiting the national park was announced after the acting minister of vice and virtue, Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, expressed concerns about women not adhering to the “proper” way of wearing the hijab during their visits.

He stated that women’s participation in recreational activities like sightseeing is not necessary, aligning with the Taliban’s conservative interpretation of Islamic values.

This ban on visiting Band-e-Amir national park is just one of many restrictions imposed on Afghan women since the Taliban’s return to power in 2021.

The Taliban authorities have shut down most girls’ secondary schools, effectively cutting off educational opportunities for countless young women.

Band-e-Amir national park

Band-e-Amir national park

Band-e-Amir national park, situated in Afghanistan’s central Bamiyan province, has long been a source of pride for the country.

Its breathtaking sapphire-blue lakes, picturesque landscapes, and towering cliffs attract thousands of visitors annually.

The park’s natural beauty has made it a symbol of hope and resilience for the Afghan people, especially during tumultuous times.

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