Jimmy Thyden finds his mother after 42 years

Miracle don’t happen everday, but one certainly did happen recently to a mother and son pair.

A Chilean woman named Maria Angelica Gonzalez, who had thought her son died right after she gave birth to him 42 years ago, found out she had been deceived.

After giving birth, she was told the nurses would take her infant son to the incubator for his care.

Soon after, Maria Angelica was told that her son had died, when in fact it was just a big lie, because the newborn was stolen and adopted by another family who had no idea of his true story.

Jimmy Thyden


Jimmy Thyden was his name, and he had lived in Arlington, Virginia for 42 years of his life. He knew he was adopted from Chile, but he was convinced that he had no relatives, and that that was the whole truth, until he read a certain newspaper.

The newspaper told the story of a man who had found out he had been kidnapped in Chile. This was not the first case, which made Jimmy Thyden suspect that the same thing had happened to him, which got him to start doing some research to find out the truth back in April.

With the help of the Chilean organization, Nos Boscamos, he managed to find his mother.

Jimmy Thyden hugged his mother, during their first meeting at her home in Valdivia, Chile, and said to his mother in Spanish amid tears: “I love you so much.”

“I didn’t expect the gravity of this moment,” Thayden told The Associated Press in a video call after the reunion. “To hug your mother after 42 years.”

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