Snowy scenes from around the UK

Dark clouds rolling in over Kilmory in the Highlands, Scotland, on Wednesday
Fields covered with snow in Richmond, North YorkshireIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / MR SMILEY
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Snow fields in Richmond, North Yorkshire
Fog drifting over a residential area with snow lying on the groundIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / RICKJ
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Fog drifting into High Lane, Stockport, early on Wednesday
Sun rising behind mountains and fields covered in snowIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / ROB+MARK
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A snowy sunrise over Alltsigh in Scotland on Wednesday. Temperatures in the country dropped to -14C over night
Snow covers a garden and garden furniture with a church spire in the distance.
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This was the view in Causeway Coast and Glens, Northern Ireland, on Wednesday
Heavy snow falling over a road with cars driving throughIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / BEETLE BILL
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Heavy snow falling in Peterlee, County Durham, on Tuesday
Snow completely covers the landscape in South Uist on WednesdayIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / SOUTH UIST VIBES
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It’s a white out in the Western Isles, South Uist
Snow covers the ground in Grasmere, CumbriaIMAGE SOURCE,BBC WEATHER WATCHER / JILLY
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A very wintry scene in Grasmere, Cumbria, on Tuesday.

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