Queen Elizabeth II’s car sold in auction

 The late Queen’s car, Jaguar X-Type, has been sold, and here is what we know

It’s not every day that someone gets the chance to buy a car that was once a royalty-owned car, let alone a queen, but that was the reality of one lucky person.

In recent years, the Queen’s primary vehicle has been the Land Rover Defender, but she has also used the Jaguar Estate as a backup vehicle, sometimes transporting her dogs in it. Prior to her passing in September 2022,  the also Queen owned the dark green 2009 Jaguar X-Type Estate.

According to reports, the Queen’s Jaguar X-Type car has exceeded the 72,500 miles mark, as it has been in service for over 13 years.



This Jaguar X-Type wagon is one of two which had been used by Queen Elizabeth, and while Historics Auctioneers at Mercedes World noted that the model wasn’t the ‘most desirable’, it still proved a hit with the monarch who favored classic practicality over flashy, loud trends.

The sale



While it was reported that an identical car was sold back in 2016 for approximately £15,000, which is around $19,636, it wasn’t surprising to see that this car ended up selling for over double the number, at  £39,200, which is around $51316.60

The new owner of the car

The lucky owner is a man called Chris Evans, a radio host, who ended up selling the car as a fundraiser for Comic Relief, a charity trying to tackle poverty.

Apparently, they were able to raise around £300,000 ($392729.70) for charity, with the current owner stating that a percentage of the money raised from the upcoming auction will go to Great Ormand Street Hospital.

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