Snake forces aircraft emergency landing

A pilot in South Africa had to make an emergency landing after a snake crawled beside him while he was flying at 11,000 feet.

The pilot, Rudolf Erasmus, was forced to carry out an emergency landing after he was surprised by a highly venomous 1.5-meter-long snake under his seat.

He announced the news with the four passengers who were with him on a private plane, “There is a snake under my seat. It is in the cockpit, so we will carry out an emergency landing as quickly as possible.”

Erasmus informed the concerned authorities of the emergency he was facing and was allowed to land successfully at the nearest airport.

According to local newspapers, Erasmus initially thought it was a leak from his water bottle at first.

South African Civil Aviation Commissioner Bobby Khoza praised the pilot’s performance in this difficult situation, noting that he managed to save all the lives of the passengers on board.

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