Shakira gets in a physical fight with Piqué’s mom

Rumors claim that Colombian singer Shakira physically attacked her ex-partner Gerard Piqué’s mother. 

According to new press reports, it was revealed that Shakira allegedly beat her ex-partner Gerard Piqué’s mother Montserrat Bernabeu after a dispute.

And per the new reports, Shakira was shocked when she found out that Bernabeu knew about the affair Piqué had and that the Spanish doctor helped the athlete hide it.

Shakira reportedly beat her ex-mother-in-law Bernabeu after finding out that she helped hide the affair.

However, the news was not confirmed by either party.

The singer, 45, realized her ex was having an affair when she discovered a jar of strawberry jam had been eaten while she was away, and no one in her family likes strawberry jam.

Shakira and Piqué went their separate ways after 11 years of being in a romantic relationship, they share two sons Milan and Sasha.

This comes after Shakira’s mom, Nidia Ripoll is said to have been hospitalized in Barcelona after a blood clot was found in her leg.

It is reported that Ripoll’s health problem was related to deep vein thrombosis and had not affected her brain.

The Colombian singer has not commented on her mom’s health status.

Last Friday Ripoll was admitted to the emergency room, but is now said to be out of danger and was allowed to go home.

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