Saudi honored after saving child from a speeding car

 A Saudi man by the name of Abdullah Madloul Al Anzi, who saved the life of a child from a speeding car, has now found himself in the headlines again as his highness the Prince of Riyadh received him to honor him due to his heroic behavior and actions.

Abdullah Madloul Al Anzi said how he had no idea that he was even being filmed at the time of the incident involving the speeding car and the child, how this was all a surprise to him, and how he was willing to sacrifice his car to save the child.

speeding car

To stop the speeding car from hitting the child, Abdullah had to move his car at the right time to put it between it and the child. He needed to have quick thinking to pull that off, but he managed to do it and stop a bigger tragedy from taking place that day. A video of this event was captured and then quickly made its way around social media, bringing more and more attention to the nearly tragic event.

Many people online also sent their congratulations and well wishes, saying Abdullah deserves to be honored by the royal family for his actions and goodwill.

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