Sara Abi Kanaan and Wissam Fares as they tie the knot, marking the culmination of a beautiful five-year love story

 Sara Abi Kanaan and Wissam Fares enter the golden cage with a sense of love and affection.

Lebanese actress Sarah Abi Kanaan officially married actor Wissam Fares today, capping a five-year wonderful love tale.

Sara Abi Kanaan specifically appeared on the cover of Jamalik magazine in a dress created by international Lebanese designer Antoine Qareh, and she uploaded the video clip to her Instagram account alongside Wissam, who opted for a formal style more in line with beige.

To let all of her admirers know her delight, Abi Kanaan also uploaded unique daytime exclusive views of preparations.

In particular, their wedding ceremony started a short time ago in Lebanon, where they commemorated their church marriage ceremony in a family setting surrounded by their family and close friends of the newlyweds.

Since the newlyweds are Lebanese actors with many acquaintances from the creative community, they are expected to celebrate their wedding in one of the locations in Lebanon in the presence of many celebrities, particularly from the realm of performing.

“The rumor is true,” Sara Abi Kanaans said when she revealed her engagement and relationship with Wissam on August 12, 2023. She showed her followers a video on her Instagram account in which she gathered the lovely times she lived with Wissam and wrote about them. “The rumor is true,” Sara said.

The recently released video elicited extensive reactions from the viewers, who wished blessings and congratulations to the couple. Among the other celebs who congratulated Wissam and Sarah were Talal Mardini, who penned: “Congratulations, my brother-in-law, Sanad Dahri; congratulations, Sarah.” Jessie Abdo likewise penned, “Congratulations, I love you.”.

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