Expect more of Sıla Türkoğlu in Kızılcık Şerbeti!

A new season of Kızılcık Şerbeti is coming and fans will be happy to know that Sıla Türkoğlu as Doğa will be a prominent character in it! 

Sıla Türkoğlu has a strong fanbase on her Instagram account which currently generated more than two million followers at the time of writing this article.

The famous actress became popular after her debut in the daily TV series Emanet before her character as Doğa in Kızılcık Şerbeti.

The 30th episode of Kızılcık Şerbeti has passed with flying colors with really good ratings across the board! The team of the series took to their Instagram and said:

“Thank you to all our viewers who did not leave us alone in the first episode of the new season”

Sıla Türkoğlu

According to Series Turkish, Sıla Türkoğlu has also given us a sneak peek at what to expect from her character Doğa in the upcoming episodes and said:

“It will be a difficult season, not for all of us, but at least for Doğa. Doğa will have to stand very strong. She will have to fight because there is a baby, she will have to fight for the baby. “It will be a difficult process for Doğa.”

Stay tuned since episode 31 will be released on Sept. 22, 2023, with Faith and Doğa’s fight over the baby. 

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