‘Rude People’! Can Yaman responds strongly to phone-throwing criticism

Turkish actor Can Yaman has issued a statement to respond to the criticism after he threw a fan’s phone.

Turkey’s heart-throb is currently filming season 2 of his hit series Viola Come Il Mare (translated to: Purple Like the Sea) in Italy.

And while he was exiting his hotel in Palermo a few days ago, Can Yaman was harassed by a fan, prompting the star to snatch his phone and throw it away.

The incident video found its way to social media went viral on several platforms, forcing the Turkish star to clarify the situation and issuing a statement.

Can Yaman statement

The Turkish actor started his statement by highlighting the positive relationship he has with his fans.

He wrote: “My relationship with my fans is very good, so good that even it disturbed you at times,”

Yaman went on and pointed out that if people do not show respect to him, he does not consider them as his fans.

“The problem is with abusive rude people under the name of fans who are not my fans,”

Can Yaman risponde alle critiche dopo aver lanciato il telefono di un fan in Italia Can Yaman, İtalya'da hayranının telefonunu fırlattıktan sonra eleştirilere yanıt verdi

The Viola Come Il Mare then called out people who ambush him to point fingers and offer criticism.

“I know you love me without knowing what happened before. To stop, to wait in ambush so that you can say whatever comes to your mind, even if something seems scandalous.”

In the statement, the former colleague of Demet Özdemir continued by wondering why would people who don’t know him would jump in and criticize him, even magazines were trying to reach out to him for a comment.

“From the hundreds of charitable works and beauties I have done here for months. People who didn’t even know me came from there and criticized me, it didn’t even bother the people here. Everyone defended me about this issue, but what is happening to you from there? Isn’t that enough, you are reaching out to me in the magazines with the issues there?”

And finally, Can Yaman asked people not to follow him if they don’t know him, and to mind their own problems.

“Take care of your own problems and don’t worry about me. Don’t love or follow me after you don’t know me or know me wrong. You don’t need to have any feelings about me. Mind your business.

I was also criticized for not sharing in Turkish, here you go. I did. See you soon.”

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